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The most anticipated Games of 2016

The most anticipated Games of 2016
23 Nov 2015

As every year, we have Christmas right around the corner and are beginning to glimpse the 2016 developments in video games on all platforms. Undoubtedly, the Christmas is the period of the most sales in videogame consoles and PCs are made, and so is the date chosen to launch new products to market.

Complete analysis of the most anticipated games for 2016

Star Wars Battlefront

This is the first title of Star Wars PS4 after closing LucasArts, but will also be available for Xbox One and PC. The producer of this game is EA (Electronic Arts) and has an incredible visual quality. Star Wars Battlefront will go on sale on November 19, 2015.

In the game you can choose a multitude of characters, piloting all types of ships and to fight Darth Vader. Then we leave you with a video shown at E3 about the game:


Available from January 22, 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC version will have players relive the events before the zombie outbreak, the origin of the plot, the iconic mansion and driving the alternate character with Albert Wesker Rebecca Chambers STARS belonging to the group.

Both characters are the protagonists of the game where Wesker take the mythical role played by Billy Coen. Developed by Capcom, this issue will not leave indifferent fans of the Resident Evil saga.

Then you have the trailer for this highly anticipated game:


From our point of seen one of the best games ever for its originality and difficulty, now returns to the big platforms modernized graphics while maintaining the original essence of the game.

Its release is expected by January 29, 2016 on all major platforms: PS4 and XBox One PC.

As we all remember this strategy game is its plot to build a city with all kinds of facilities edifcios and trying to sabotage the other players. The developers of this latest version have worked with the creators of the original game to keep the essence of it and try to engage new players. Then we leave you with the first official pictures of the game:

constructor-hd-2 constructor-hd-1


The legendary saga of struggle is completely renewed for the new generation of videconsolas. Street Fighter V will be available at first only for PS4 and PC will be released for the second quarter of 2016, but can already play a demo.

This new title more than ever gamble online mode that will allow us to fight and prove our skills with players around the world.

The greatest novelty introduced this new title will be the spectator mode where we can see the games of other players and learn from their skills.

Then we leave you with the official video game:


The sixth installment of this legendary driving simulation game Gran Turismo style but for XBox went on sale on September 15, but the higher sales are anticipated at Christmas.

If the latest version of Forza Motorsport already had a beastly graphics XBox 360, XBox One in the qualifiers we have to value. With plenty of models to choose from, including the most current (remember that with the different updates will be coming new models) as the last Ford GT or Lamborghini Veneno.


Another highly anticipated game for all futbolers and which went on sale last September 22, 2015, but it will be higher at Christmas where sales were made of this legendary saga that each year renews and reinvents.

Out for all major platforms: PS4, Xbox One and PC and developed by EA (Electronic Arts) Sport. FIFA 16 has incredible graphics and gameplay and skills improvement over FIFA 15.

One of the most interesting news is that women’s football teams, namely 12 teams, among which are the Spanish are included for the first time in a football game.

FIFA seems to have won the game Pro Evolution Soccer from Konami since the launch of PS3, that the different comments and reviews conducted in recent years confirm this. Then we leave you with a video of FIFA 16.


Will for all major platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC) on February 23, 2016, this legendary saga based on the Himalayas and the tropics now moves to the stone age. In a world dominated by the beasts where the human race was less in number and are struggling for survival you will be the last survivor of your group game and learn how to create an arsenal of weapons, repel predators and outwit the tribes enemy. Those are the maximum Primal Far Cry

With incredible graphics as we are accustomed and the latest game consoles and open worlds as usual about the Far Cry saga much we enjoy this game without doubt



Again a new installment of this already legendary saga. Available for all major platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC) and developed by Ubisoft.

In Assassin’s Creed Syndicate moved to London in 1868 and British vistoriana time during the Industrial Revolution under two main characters: Jacob and Evie Frye. These two brothers murderers help the working class to fight against the injustices of the time, in which the working class was only legalized exclavitud.

It went on sale on 23 October, but its peak sales are expected in the Christmas season. It will come with some new features like the union way that you can make allies in the London districts and unions to create enfrenarte enemies in the War of Trade Unions. Then we leave you with the official video:



Available initially for PS4 and XBox One this fifteenth installment of the legendary saga Final Fantsy promises. Still no release date scheduled, but Final Fantasy XV is expected before March 2016. We believed in the Paris Game Week would have new information about the expected launch but apparently it will not.

This new release will bring us to the kingdom of Lucis in which reigns a time of absolute peace with Niflheim. During this peace, Niflheim decide to make an invasion that changed history. The game player will propose to step into the shoes of Prince Noctis and his most faithful and loyal companions Glado, Ignis, and Cor Prompto to continue giving explanation to the world of Fable Nova Crystallis.

Surely we will have a game left in the pipeline, so we invite you to your views and comments to tell us what games missing from this list and sharing among all our fans to video games.

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