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Mola Games was born as a game development company

Mola Games was born as a game development company
13 Nov 2015

Mola Games finally comes to light, after a long time working in the shade. We are happy, it is a project in which the entire team has turned Multiplicalia soul and more gamer side.

Logotipo de la empresa de desarrollo de videojuegos Mola GamesMola Games is created with the intention of separating Multiplicalia, a company specialist in development and management of online shops, Starships Odyssey, our first game. So Mola game is a game development company.

On this blog and in the Starships Odyssey we will tell all the details of the game and the company. We expect to launch the game for November 27. So as you can imagine, we are buzzing with the latest details.

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You can discuss all kinds of games, tell us your ideas, tips and guidance on advancing the games, learn new games not yet know, comment on games gamers, etc.We want that video games are part of education because it’s a great way to learn, although we don’t focus our first educational game project, if we have a clear intention to develop educational video games, we have several ideas we’re crazy to develop. So soon we will tell the news about our upcoming games and this very exciting sector such as video games, and above all, play, play, play.

Welcome aboard!!



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