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Virtual reality: Technology or experience

Virtual reality: Technology or experience
14 Mar 2016

Today in MolaGames, we will speak of the virtual reality and the experiences that it offers, the technology it uses, and the main attraction it has.

Virtual reality has become the main protagonist of the MWC which was celebrated in Barcelona, Spain. Big Brands are introducing more and more services and opportunities in this context. virtual reality o realidad virtual la clave del éxito.

In this context, we must indicate that the virtual reality is not just present only in the mobile for presentations. Brand are using virtual reality in events, it being one of the key points of their presentations.

The forecasts for 2016 indicated that virtual reality will be destined to become a key element in leisure, the relationship between brands and consumers, preferences to consumers, in the inmediate future.

Users and consumers think that the main important thing is the experience with this element and the technology is less important.

Studies of consumeres interests, as the study of eMarketer, indicate that consumers are interested to try virtual reality. Cosumers want to have experiences and display content using these tools.

Film and video games are the main atractions of virtual reality.

virtual reality y realidad virtual en los videojuegosThe consumers want to access to a content that exist but in a different way. The studies indicate that 40% of respondents are interested in the option of watching movies using this technology. Despite is very important the percentage which want to use virtual reality to play video games in pc and consoles, the big winner of the study is the cinema.

Music videos, television, sports content, and educational content are the others disciplines that continues the study in order of preference by consumers and users.

The interest in virtual reality is a fact, and from Mola Games, we want to make our litter study and that you indicate to us what do you think about virtual reality.



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