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How to make a perfect game rating dialogue

How to make a perfect game rating dialogue
25 Apr 2016

Those little yellow stars may not need much space next to the app icon, but the app store ratings are an important piece of the user acquisition. For example, a high star game rating can be a determinant point for users to download a game. Also, better game rating improves game’s ranking in app store search.

game rating

An in-game pop up to rate the game is a quick and easy task for most mobile game developers. But it’s probably worth it to spend more time on this dialogue given the importance of it.

1. User should be always in the game when giving feedback.

There are feedback forms for those users who give a negative response (1-3 stars). An usual way developers use to get the user to this forms is to open another application, like email. But it seems to be a bad idea to push out of the game an user who is already having a harsh experience with the game.

The best way is to keep the user in the game if you want him to fill out any feedback form. You can use plugins like Helpshift or create your own form, but you have to keep in mind that it has to look native to the game. Its also important communicate with the player trhough user support. There has to be ways to indentify and communicate with the user if you don’t want to hurt your chance of improvement.

2. Don’t ask too rating

The repetition of game rating pop ups get people tired, as they are very familiar with them. It does especially happen if it’s too early for the dialogue to appear. It’s true that developers need those ratings, but it doesn’t have to annoy the user.

It doesn’t exist a magic formula, but a good tip is to find a perfect point in the game, far beyond the tutorial. It should be a point after receiving a big reward or making a great achievement, as it may help the player to feel good about the game and to give a good review.

3. Be ready to turn the game rating dialogue off.

Nobody is perfect, and even the best teams make mistakes sometimes. Releasing a bad update may be stressful enough, although it may not produce any negative reviews. That’s because some users select a high rating on the pop-up to avoid a feedback form, but then they give low ratings in the app stores. For those cases, developers should have a remote button to turn off the game rating dialogue.

game rating

Do you know any tip to make a perfect game rating dialogue? Please comment us below!



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