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The keywords success: Brainstorming

The keywords success: Brainstorming
11 Apr 2016

Welcome to our blog! Today in Mola Games, we will explain to us how to choose the best keywords to positioning your apps and more people could download them.

Currently numerous applications are published every day, which means a increasingly competition so you need to find alternatives to keep the keywords of your applications.

We can say that the search for the best keywords is part science and part art, in this post we will show you how to find and use available resources properly even stay one step ahead of your competition.

We recommend having handy a spreadsheet, because in a keyword brainstorming you should write each of the words that we will be finding during the process, you have to register all of them, so when this process will be over, we could go back and examine each keyword with the Keyword Research Tool and record the Traffic and Difficulty Scores for each keyword.

It is essential to have recorded the brainstorming for keywords and keyword phrases. So let’s start!

Spy On Your Competitors

First at all, we will start with the science of brainstorming. Examining tools that will give us suggestions for specific keywords. The simplest thing is to see what our competitors are doing, The Sensor Tower Keyword Spy Tool shows exactly what our competitors are using. Take the example of the popular game Fruit Ninja.

keyword success

Intelligent Suggestions Tool

Another way to find keywords is the Intelligent Suggestions Tool which uses your existing keyword list to seed new keyword ideas. Here is a small sample of the keyword suggestions arising from the application of Facebook.

Review Analysis Tool

The user reviews can be a great way to discover new relevant keywords. The Sensor Tower shows the suggestions of specific keywords of the application at the top of the list, for example in the case of WhatsApp Messenger.

Google Tools

Useful tools are also those of Google, the Google Keyword Planner  gives a comprehensive list of keyword suggestions, as it is for global web search. A nice feature of Keyword Planner is it also gives groups of keywords that can help you focus on keywords related to your application.

Addionally Google Trends can help us to find keyword ideas. It shows your popular Google searches and can help you identify trending keywords.

If you see too dense these tools, you can use these others that are pointed out below, simpler and intuitive.

For example Wordpot and Wordstream have free tools that help you find new keywords and are easy to use. WordStream also has free tools to help you find keywords depending on the location and identify negative keywords.


Thesaurus is used to find new ideas, they offer synonymous in several sets. If you want, they offers not only synonyms for the keyword that indicates but also for related words expanding search by keywords. Let us take the example of My Horse.
It shows the related keywords in an interactive diagram, similar to a network that shows your keywords related.


Look at App Descriptions

Now we focus on the part of art the brainstorm for keywords. Here we need creativity to search keywords related.

One of the best ways to see descriptions is done from iTunes or Google Play, because this pages are free. We go to use the example of Candy Crush Saga.


Sometimes this social network can be very overwhelming, but when it comes to keywords and exchange of ideas is perfect because you will get a continuous flow of new ideas. Search with hashtag (#) each keyword that you want to search will get you the trend. For example, if you have a health-related application, you can search hashtag for the term “health” very generic to uncover more specific keywords.

Visit Websites In Your Niche

Search forums and blogs related to your application can help you to find new keywords, so don’t hesitate in visit them because they will be very helpful.

Keywords By Association

Once you have keywords from what has been done before, you should begin with the first you wrote down and go write the first word that comes to mind when you see each of the words. Dont think! just write the first word that comes to your mind!

When you have done this, take the first series of word association and return to the same process. It involves releasing keyword ideas that may be hiding in your subconscious.


In addition to the tools that we have discussed, there are many other ways to find keyword ideas. In Molagames we hope that you’ve learned a lot from this article and use these methods regularly so you have your applications positioned in the top of the rankings.

Do you know other ways and methods? Let us know.


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