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Video games marketing: 5 free options

Video games marketing: 5 free options
18 Apr 2016

Once developers, both AAA and indie, finish their games, discoverability becomes more difficult.

There are well-known and usually successful strategies to get more people to play a mobile game, such as investing in advertising. Everybody knows that a great discovery option is to get your game featured in an app store, but the odds for that are pretty low. So beyond posting the game on the app store and praying, what other options do we have to get word-of-mouth started?

Here we show you some low-cost options that you can use for your video games marketing if you are a mobile game developer:

Twitter and Facebook, veterans of the social media.

These two social networks are really good places for devs to share anything related to the game and to connect with fans so they can comment what they think and give feedback to help you improve the game.

When thinking about artwork on Facebook and Twitter, you better consider something animated. Why? Because as the co-founder of Kiemura, Jyri Kilpeläinen says, “tweets with gifs bring more replies and retweets tan still images or plain tweets.”

Streaming gameplay: Youtube, Twitch, Mobcrush

These three are good streaming services that let you share gameplays from a computer, console, or in the case of Mobcrush, from a mobile device. But it isn’t only about playing your own games, a good strategy to create a bond with your fans is to play other current hits.

“We’ve just hung around and played other developers’ games” says Kilpeläinen. Players like to watch indie devs play other developers’ games, he tells, because it feels authentic, and that can give some great goodwill for your own game and brand.


TouchArcade is both a forum for mobile game super fans and a review website. Having the right exposure in a forum at TouchArcade can get your game up to the reviews site itself or even beyond, as some sites use TouchArcade to find hot new games. Founder and CEO of Crescent Moon Games, Josh Presseisen, says that he’s had great success giving beta test slots to loyal TouchArcade users.

video games marketing

“TouchArcade has dedicated iOS game fans, always wanting new games in the genres they love,” he tells. Having an early info with insider beta testing can be a really good way to add impulse to a game, even before it launches.

Eli Hodapp, TouchArcade’s editor-in-chief says  “If I were an indie developer, the TouchArcade forums would be the first place I’d talk about my game.” That’s because many influencers such as press or publishers search in the forums for games to promote or story ideas.

Reddit, the wild side.

video games marketingDevelopers need to know their audience when using Reddit
to share a game with the world. “There are a million subreddits out there, and almost none of them are right for game devs” says freelance strategist Jim Squires. What he suggests is, rather than the more general r/games, use specific forums like r/iosgames or r/androidgaming to post good coverage of the game.

Also, the crazier, the better. That’s what found out devs of the bridge-biulding simulator Bridge Constructor when they received a ton of response to a post about a weird in-game achievement.

Product Hunt, the newcomer

Product Hunt was originally a place for people to help each other discover their favorite physical things, but it has recently added a games category where devs and fans can promote their favorite games. It’s a simple voting system: games that get more votes, rise to the top of the category.

It seems like following other members can be beneficial, but the problem of the service is that it is so new that nobody really know what works best.

Are these 5 options for videogames marketing useful for you? Do you know anything else that we’re missing? Please comment us below!



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