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The best on the app stores of 2016

The best on the app stores of 2016
02 May 2016

There have passed four months of the year, and this 2016 is giving its first impressions of what the whole year will be on the app stores. We are talking about de Q1 report of SensorTower, a web specialized on app stores tracking. Specicly, in this report they detail the best on the app stores of iOS and Android, App Store and Google Play.


We are making a summary of the report, and we are telling you which apps are getting more downloads so far this year. These stadistics don’t include pre-installations on any device, neither re-installs or downloads by the same user on different devices. These downloads reflect data fro January 1, 2016 trhough March 31, 2016.

The best on the app stores, worldwide downloads of apps

the best on the app stores

The clearly dominant is Facebook, as four of the first five apps of the list are theirs (remember they bought Instagram and Whatsapp), and even the recently acquired MSQRD is at 16. Games deserve an important mention, because of the top 20 most downloaded apps, 8 are games, with Piano Tiles 2 being the better one at the fourth position in the middle of the Facebook Empire.

However, we can say that the moral winner of games is Clash Royale. This Supercell developers’ new game was launched on March 2, so it hit the ninth position of the quarter in less than one month. It seems sure that it will end up being one of the most downloaded apps of the year, if not the number 1. Such is the popularity it has, that even they organiszed a Clash Royale official tournament. It absolutely has everything it needs to big a important e-sport.

Regarding the comparision between App Store and Google Play, it should be noted the difference of the number of apps from China. In iOS, there is one more than last quarter of 2015, reaching a total of seven, whereas there is no one in Android. That has a lot to do with Google getting out of China in 2010. Also, no streaming apps can be found on Google Play list, while there are two in App Store’s (iQIYI and Netflix).

the best on the app storesthe best on the app stores

About messaging apps, although there are more on iOS (five) than Android (three), in the second platform they are much more stronger, as two of them are on the first positions of the ranking.

The best on the app stores, US downloands of apps

the best on the app stores

There is one thing that stands out, americans are not Whatsapp people. The well-known messaging app goes from most downloaded app worldwide to position 16 on United States. What is better than worldwide downloads is streaming apps, which are four in this list. Among those is Youtube Music, the new app that get for the first time in the most downloaded apps in america list.

From here our congratulations to Color Switch, game created by just one person in just two weeks and made it to the number two of downloads on the global US list, and even the first place looking only at iOS, such an achievement.

Looking for differences between App Store and Google Play, we star with a curiosity. As we can see in both lists, iOS american users prefer to buy in Amazon, whereas Android opt for Wish instead. Its also noteworthy that Snapchat placed ahead of Facebook in iOS downloands, but they couldn’t do it on Android.

the best on the app storesthe best on the app stores

In Google Play the difference in the number of streaming apps compared to worldwide downloads is bigger, as they are three apps in the list, from no app on the Google Play world ranking. Among them we mention Pandora, app not available in Europe but that has a great success among the americans, reaching top 100 in iOS and top 5 in Android.

Here we finish the first part of our summary of the best on the app stores, soon we’ll talk about top publishers and top categories. If you want to learn more from this report, you can watch it here and if you have any doubt about it, please comment us below!




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