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The In-Game Advertising Report

The In-Game Advertising Report
07 Jun 2016

Hey everyone! We have received the last Unity report about in-game advertising, where they analyse to developers and users opinion about different advertising formats, as well as which are the most cost-effective and the favourite one.

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In-game Advertising

Here are the most interesting facts:

In-game advertising moves nine billions a year and it’s one of the economic pillars of development companies and one of the main lines of competence, that’s why it’s so important to know how it works.

What is clear is that both users and developers agree that videos are the format on the rise within the advertising sector, but the video with a reward is particularly appreciated among users because it is less invase and annoying than others. Plus, it produces benefits to users.

The most relevant information about the report:

  • 71% of players surveyed stated that watching videos is their favourite way of bvideogames advertisinguying videogames, surpassing app purchases. 86% of developers claim that IAP benefits increased after the integration of ads winner into a game.
  • 62% of mobile games players agree with watching ads winner.
  • 52% of mobile games developers identify video spots as the main source of income, compared with other types of videogame advertising. In fact, 62% of those developers say that users spent more time playing due to this kind of advertising. In particular, the combination between ads winner and interstitial videos is the perfect way to make money.
  • 46% of players would rather to watch video winner content than any other advertising offer. On the contrary, only a 20% prefer “banners”.
  • 74% of developers would encourage to their colleagues to include videos as an advertising medium and 54% of them would support video winner, being these lasts the most accepted by 80% of developers.
  • Curiously, only a 20% of videogame producers would make up image ads at their next launching. However, the other 80% have committed to take advantage of video ads, as well as 66% of developers will place advertisements in their next release.
  • Besides, the incorporation of these ads winner into videogames, that are already on the market, is possible and it will provide attractive profits.

It seems like the future of advertising consists in rewarding those who watch videogames advertising, so that everyone wins.


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