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The game Pokémon go pulverizes all the records

The game Pokémon go pulverizes all the records
25 Jul 2016

Hello friends! Today we are going to talk about the Pokémon GO game that is undoubtedly the great success of the moment, not only for the madness that has unleashed in half world, if not for the numbers that has gotten to the scarce week of premiere.

According to several firms such as SensorTower, SurveyMonkey or SimilarWeb the Nintendo game and Niantic has beaten almost every record since its release and what remains because we are still waiting for the Japanese market to come out which is expected to be the real boom Of the “Pokémon Hunt”

The game Pokémon Go in numbers.

Just one week after its launch in the US, Pokémon Go has become the mobile game with more unique daily users of US history, surpassing the peak of 20 million that reached Candy Crush Saga at its peak time Apogee, Pokemon Go already goes for the 21 million. It was also the most downloaded in the Apple App Store.Mobile app comparison


The 3% of users who have an Android smartphone is using this game on a daily basis, about to surpass the 3.5% that has Twitter and Snapchat, and that is only installed in the 5’1% of Android devices . IPhone users spent more time using Pokémon Go than on social networks, averaging just over 43 minutes, compared to Facebook 22 and Snapchat 18, according to SensorTower. And he has already outgrown Tinder.

pokémon go vs social media apps

But it does not stay there, to get another milestone that seemed difficult to overcome as it is to have more searches on Google than porn. In Google searches in the United States has already passed terms such as “porn”, “Barack Obama” or “XVideos” in recent days, as demonstrated by Google Trends. In just one week the results file of Pokémon Go on was impressive, accumulating more than 30 million results.

pokémon go vs twitter

The app, is generating income of $ 1.6 million per day only on iOS smartphones. And it has raised the shares of Nintendo as the foam, a week its shares had risen 76%, with that, the company is revalued in more than 13,000 million, not taking into account that owns 10% of Niantic (developer Of the game) and that in most countries has not been released with markets like Japan still to explode.

It has all the look that Pokémon Go will continue to exceed their numbers if you do not pass the fashion before, you who believe ?.


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