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The rise of indie games develepment

The rise of indie games develepment
10 Sep 2016

Hello Gamers! Today we will talk about independent games. For many years the Video Game industry generates billions coming to overcome even the film industry, and as usual this industry is controlled by a group of “giants” who divide the cake between them: Activision, Capcom, Konami, Sega, Nintendo, Microsoft o Sony.

indieBut beyond these companies, there are a “resistance” who defends and continues to grow with the goal of starting to develop their works without the sole purpose of making money, which is important yes, but not the main thing.

To begin with, we must clarify what are the indies games, this adjective indicates a category of very broad and ambiguous games. There is no exact definition of what it means an indie game, but if we can distinguish them all one common features. These games are developed by one or a small group of people, usually the duration of the game is lower than the “conventional” games, they don’t have external, financial and advertising support, restricting them to a budget extremely limited and they have more complicated distribution channels. But they count in their favor that being independent doesn’t have creative or design limitations. They don’t require editorial approval, so they can afford to research and innovate freely.
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Indies development of video games, What is your market ?.

In recent years there are many cases in which these “Indies”games have succeeded even reaching outshine the big premieres and betting as the most important companies like the Minecraft company. In the past few years, even more now, those giants of the video game are looking for independent developers, they first allowed these indie games could be distributed in their gaming platforms or consoles.  Thus achieving greater and more varied range of games, attracting more alternative public or more specific tastes. But far from staying there, these big companies already have specific programs dedicated to the empowerment and uptake of these alternative project.
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The first to be established in this sector was Sony, which offered its PlayStation platform to distribute the most promising independent titles. However it was not the only Microsoft bought Minecraft based checkbook and entered this market with its Xbox and Windows as distribution platforms creating ID@Xbox, offering small kits free development and counseling studies to get their games . Today more than 1,400 studies work under this project which is a perfect radar to detect those  most promising deals and offers an extensive catalog of alternative games with the aim of reaching Sony.

A part of these known name platforms where we find alternative games as they are Steam, Humble Store, G2A o Startselect where players can find a variety of related titles to their tastes at very competitive prices, and some other good deal ;).

And of course we will not forget the best game you can find today, Starships Odyssey.


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