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Why advertise the famous games for mobile?

05 Sep 2016

It is no novelty in marketing known faces used to promote products. Now companies are working on developing mobile applications that feature celebrities to advertise their products. Surely you’ve seen many familiar faces using mobile applications: the tendency prevails, especially in the market for gaming applications.

A familiar face recognition using an application provides to the general public, in addition to the product and the brand win credibility. You can choose an athlete, musician or actor, but yes, it is good to choose one that is related to the game itself: for example, the actor and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is the image of an action game , Mobile Strike.

aplicaciones de juegos 

Celebrities and gaming applications

The tendency to use famous faces for marketing of mobile applications beyond right now. And not only that face for pure and promotion used but in many video games are the main characters from the development of apps.

aplicaciones de juegos

This is the case of many Hollywood divas and singers of international stature, who have lent their image to the users to lick it, the dress or make them makeovers in general. Rihanna, Beyonce or Shakira are some of the popular faces that can bring in mobile.

But they are not the only ones. Katy Perry Pop is a mobile game where you have to behave like a diva, concerts and dress and makeup for them. And Perry is not the only one with its own video game, also others like Britney Spears or Kadarsian sisters have succumbed to it.

aplicaciones de juegos

In Spain this trend is still scarce, and usually are youtubers specialized in video games that have managed to be the face of a title. That is why we do not make us famous takes to be the best game of spacecraft in history. What you do not believe? Starships Odyssey, Try and see 😉


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