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Comparison between Fifa 17 and PES 2017

Comparison between Fifa 17 and PES 2017
26 Sep 2016

There is no possible start of season without comparative par excellence, without the classic among classics that is played on consoles worldwide each year. Yes friends, we can not take for another school year started without the comparison between the two giants of football videogame, FIFA 17 vs PES 17.

Although we have not yet been able to fully test the two proposals, yes we can venture a comparison PES vs Fifa 17, especially if we consider the tryouts yes we could verify and test. It seems that  the only major change has made FiFA with Frostbite change. So it is very likely to win the game and who won the previous year.


So who to bet?

The comparison is somewhat superfluous this year, as none of the two proposals has shown significant changes and progress on what we saw in deliveries 2016. Meanwhile, PES appears the batteries have been placed with millimetric recreation of the players, studies and fans of some teams like FC Barcelona, elDortmund or Liverpool, with whom he has agreed to be his “partner premium” and compete well with EA Sport as the exclusive licenses is concerned. However, it is a shame to put aside the other teams, which detracts some whole the game. So I must say that wins the battle of fifa 17 licenses.

fifa17vspes17-2That said, it is worth noting also that PES has improved gameplay and it seems that his creative parents in Konami want to shake off the ghosts of previous editions and shake off inferiority complexes. Still, we must admit that fifa 17 still above in many respects, and that somehow have to come to the surface exorbitant amounts of money in recent times has invested the father of the child, EA Sports.

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