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How to improve our movile apps

11 Sep 2016

‘WARNING’ ‘NO CONNECTION’ ‘INSUFFICIENT BANDWIDTH TO PLAY THIS RESOURCE.’ These are common warnings for many smartphone users around the world.aplicaciones para moviles

To make apps which works to thousand for billions of ursers around the world, developpers have to face to fundamental challenges: limited conexion, device compatibility, difference between screen sizes, high data prizes, short-lived batteries.

So from Mola Games, we want to help developpers to rearch thousand for billions of users through a exceptional performance and a wide range of conexion, devices and data plans.


What should we consider for the mobile application?

– Transitions seamlessly between slow or intermediate offline environments: Users move their data from one place to another constantly, so you have to manage these transitions by storing data, creating queues requests, optimizing imaging, and performing the basic functions of all off-line.

– Providing the right content for the right context: It is important that we keep the context in mind: How and where users consume content? texts and multimedia elements that work best through the different sizes of viewports, keeping short texts (for travel on the fly), which provide a simple user interface that does not distract the user of the content must be selected . The elimination of redundant content may increase the perception of the quality of its application, while also improved performance by reducing the number of data transferred.

– Optimize for mobile hardware: Make sure your web application or content is appropriate and works well for the broadest possible target market. Also cover all versions of the most widely used operating systems, and be aware of all the improvements that appear to maintain your application optimized by testing on real or virtual devices in target markets. Also, you should be aware that low cost phones have less RAM, therefore, applications must comply with this handicap and reduce the use of this memory to a minimum while maintaining good performance. On the web it is advisable to optimize the use of JavaScript CPU to avoid image frame in processing.

 aplicaciones para movilesReduce battery consumption: low cost phones generally have a shorter battery life. So consumption is very important in maintaining or not a mobile application, or leaving a site. If users detect that they consume a lot of battery surely opt for other options. Compare your battery drain with the competition by using tools such as Historian battery, and avoid long-term processes that drain the batteries.

– Data usage: To optimize data usage of our product must take into account three simple steps: understand the load requirements, reducing the amount of data required for interaction, and streamline navigation for users to get what they they want quickly.


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