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Influencers in marketing mobile games.

07 Sep 2016

Hello gamer! Today we will talk about the influencers and weight in marketing mobile games. Actually its weight in marketing in general, because this method of advertising is increasingly widespread among brands.

The first clarify that is an influencer: An influencer is a person with great presence on social networks and has some credibility on one or more specific issues, because of their alleged knowledge and popularity on networks becomes a magnificent seller certain products (payment).


Keep in mind that no matter how much someone tells thousands of followers and talk about something not becomes an influencer, is something else, for example the comments it receives the number of I like or sometimes sharing their content brings more quality that the total number of followers. On the other hand influencer not all are good for all brands, will depend on the style and goals of each.Los influencer y los juegos para móviles.

In such a saturated like mobile gaming industry, developers have to look any formula to stand out from the competition, we know that advertising no longer has much influence as before, basically because people do not like, however, a recent Nielsen study found that two-thirds (66%) of consumers they rely on the opinions of other consumers posted on the Internet.

Given this situation and the birth of YouTube and social networks it expected the considerable increase in popularity and therefore effectiveness with these influencer. In the case of video games to a Google study says that 90 percent of the players watch videos of YouTube related games for recommendations or just know if it worth the game or not


And there’s the key, when one of these influencer shows a game increase your downloads.

This marketing strategy has spread like wildfire to the point that it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to get the “collaboration” of these influencer, not only demand they have if not because they must choose carefully (or should) the games advertised or not, because with each video, photo Twit or play  its reputation.


The next time you see to your social idols showing a particular product to know that you are the ultimate in advertising. We however are more direct and we recommend that you download the best game of spacecraft in history Starships Odissey.


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