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Latest news in video game development Starships Odyssey.

Latest news in video game development Starships Odyssey.
12 Sep 2016

Hello friends!! Starships Odissey continues to grow with fixed course and we can enjoy the latest news that brings our game development team. Get ready because there is news of all kinds, from new scenarios such as black holes or the second dimensions, new ships that you can buy at the store, new chests with great prizes, and a new enhanced for a unique gaming experience interface.

And if we were missing something in nothing can enjoy the new comic StarshipOdissey, what friends you think ?.

News in Starships Odissey.

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Our developers have improved interface with a new range of buttons that facilitate the game and aesthetically enhances the image as you can find in the game.


New scenarios that will fascinate you as is “Gargantua” entry to black holes and door to discover the second dimension, these scenarios will be more complicated as the game progresses. We promise more adventures.

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And there is no better way to discover these scenarios with new ship that you can buy in game store.

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With these ships will have no rivals even the new enemies that you will find desarrollo de videojuegosflying through the galaxy in your quest for salvation of the planet earth, and to achieve that goal we want to lend a hand, so we have improved the coffers of awards, get win alone with playing every day, every day the prizes will increase to reach astronomical figures as you can see in the table.

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All these new additions are accompanied by great visual and sound effects, an example of the explosion of “jubilation” which will see every time that you open one of these galactic treasure chests we leave;)


And finally for today and leave you honey on the lips, prepare for the upcoming launch of comic “Starship Odissey” !, this being great and where you can enjoy all the adventures of the game and learn more about our heroe the hand of the ninth art.

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The motors are all machine so do not lose eye because many more innovations will come and all tell you the course here, and can enjoy them in Starship Odissey.


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