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Starship Odyssey: The best Spaceship App

Starship Odyssey: The best Spaceship App
06 Sep 2016

Hey everyone! The best spaceship app ships with a new update that will not let anyone indifferent, full of developments and incredible improvements. So today, we are so excited to say that our spaceship videogame is taking a giant step towards due to its amazing changes, they will surprise you!

Without any doubt, one of the main innovations of this last update is the incorporation of new scenes which not only make you live new adventures, but also they make you feel you’re actually part of the game.



Saturn is one of the new scene with a flawless quality. Here we have a night Saturn scence from its Moon. Don’t you have a desire to get into the game?



In this picture, we can see Neptune from its Moon in the middle of a storm. It’s just amazing!


And here we can see Neptune from one of its Moon’s craters. It’s indeed an authentic experience for all of those who use this new update.



In this picture, we can plainly see the Sun’s photosphere that can become an unforgettable adventure for the more daring.



In this scene, we are placed in Mercury and we perfectly see the Sun so this will be one of the most illuminated areas at night. Light will be closer for those advanced players. Go for it!



This is one of our favourite scenes due to the colorful of the Uranus’ Moon and how we can see the planet Uranus from there. Sharpness and quality at maximum level.



The last of our scenes is Venus, in this picture we’re  living an acid rain which is usually together with other effects that will make it more real.

Enemy spaceships

In the last update we had already introduced some enemy spaceships, but in this new spaceship version we couldn’t miss them so, we have brought new designs that will suprise you!


Futher improvements

Among all the improvements that we’ve done, we have to highlight the new and better shields that make you safer and no one can touch you.



On the other hand, the new guided missile could protect you from your enemies. When you try it, you will love it!


In addition to all of these improvements, we have also introduced better bombs, laser frequency and drones.


And last but not least, the new shot, that are making us crazy, is breathtaking. Don’t wait to use it!


In this update we’ve done incredible advances that you shouldn’t lose because they’re really amazing. We hope you enjoy this new version as much as we already do. Leave your comment here and tell us how much exciting this spaceship videogame is.



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