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Tricks to be the best coach in Pokémon Go

09 Sep 2016

Very good Gamers! Surely we all know that is “Pokémon Go” and most already have played, so it is not necessary to explain that he is or how it works, but if you come very well some of advice to improve coaching Pokémon.

Tips and tricks for Pokémon Go.

We started with one late for those already initiated in the “hard life pokémon gocoach Pokémon”, it is nothing more and nothing less than to start this wonderful adventure accompanied by the beloved and legendary Pikachu. Yes, it is possible to start the game this only offers three Pokémon; Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander, but there is a simple trick that allows us to be faithful to the original series and follow in the footsteps of Ash Ketchum and get a Pikachu, is very simple:

-When the game offers us the first three pokemon do not accept it, go and stay away from them, they’ll reappear twice but the third or fourth time Surprise! Pikachu accompanies them willing to be captured.

Once started the game we will see that there are certain Pokémon that closely repeated to the point that will decide who no longer catch more. Bad decision still catching them every time you go because you will be very useful to level up and get stardust.

-Apart from the experience and stellar dust you get for capture, if the catch and send to Professor Oak this will give candies that you can use to evolve them in doing so receive more experience points. With what we suggest you collect enough candy to evolve several times to each of these common Pokémon, wait until you to get an egg of luck, these eggs give you twice the experience points for half an hour, use it and begins to evolve Pokémon really quickly as you climb level.

pokémon go
To get items you have two ways, the first and most common are the Pokepardas, which will give you random objects, and a variable amount and the other is by purchasing them in the app, with Pokemonedas.

-The first option is very simple, we have to go to Pokepardas make them turn and collect what they give us, the more Pokeparas visit more receive objects, there is even talk of “the chain Poképaradas” it is an extra includes the game in which we must go through ten different Poképaradas in the period of 30 minutes, and when we reach the final will receive double experience, at least twice as objects, and an egg.  We have not tried it but if you do, do not forget to tell us the result 😉

pokémon go
-The second option is more complicated because it involves spending money, making you well Pokemonedas are achieved with gyms and enduring as leader 20 hours if you get it receive 10 Pokemenodas and 500 xp, the account is simple to more gymnasiums more coins a day. Or we can buy Pokemonedas, if you choose this option you have two ways to do it with real money or by downloading the app from Google Opinion Rewards, this application of Google will send you surveys and pay for answer, not usually send many and the price you pay for each of them is very small, but Pokémon Go allows you to change this money for Pokemonedas so we lose nothing.

pokémon go

Be careful with the number of objects that accumulate because there is a limit, so to not take unnecessary annoyance can buy more space or “throw away” those who do not go to use or get rid of some if you have many repeated.

How can we capture a Pokémon?, To get these creatures you should consider several indicative, the higher the level of your own experience greater variety of Pokémon will appear and higher level, making it more difficult to catch

pokémon go

If you disable the “augmented reality” mode will be easier to catch because you will have less difficulty to aim and also will save battery what this game is not bad, expected to circle around them smaller and throws the Pokeball. If you want to get more experience points beam turns around the Pokeball until it starts to turn and throw, and will get more experience or you can also throw performing parables, this makes it more complicated but you will capture a greater reward.

Note the color of the circles surrounding the Pokémon, green means it is easy to catch, the orange is difficult and red is very complicated, but like everything more difficult the higher prize.

pokémon go

You can use the “incense” to attract, and attention that this is very useful. Whenever you use this object walks, because considerably improves its result if you move, also if you do not mind “cheating” when you turn it expects about ten minutes, exit the application and delays watch mobile minutes before powering up the incense so you get an unlimited time. And the same can do with eggs luck.

The game tries to be faithful to the series and is therefore common to find Pokémon relatively close to their natural habitat course, a clear example is the water type. And following this rule we must set ourselves what kind of creatures found in gyms where we will compete to choose wisely the type of Pokémon, here you have a table of categories, advantages and disadvantages.

pokémon go

There is a way to play without leaving home, is not as easy as the others and also makes the game much less interesting, but if you are interested is to modify the GPS and Google Maps will locate elsewhere and power travel the world without movese. Ojito in Niantic are not stupid and if you change location and country much you kicked out of the game.


pokémon goAnd finally the last trick and possibly the most curious, you must remember the episode of the series in which Ash and his friends find four brothers coaches Eevee, these brothers use the elemental stones to evolve your Eevee, but the most small does not know which to choose. Well if you do not remember the episode was called Eevee Brothers fighters. In this episode three of the brothers had a different evolution of Eevee, Sparky had to Jolteon, Pyro Flareon and Rainer Vaporeon, and the little brother Micky, I did not know that elemental stone used to evolve to yours (the end will not tell you quiet). The game goes something like, once you have all the necessary sweets to evolve Eevee will have to decide which of these evolutions want, and then rename your Eevee before they evolve.. 

Sparky it will be Jolteon

Rainer it will be Vaporeon 

Pyro it will be Flareon

pokémon go

These are the tricks and tips we’ve found, if you know any more do not hesitate to contádnoslos, while continue playing Pokémon Go and of course our favorite game Starship Odyssey


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