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Videogames and movies, mainstream again

Videogames and movies, mainstream again
19 Sep 2016

Hi gamers! Surely, you’ve already watched the movies based in World of Warcraft and Angry Birds, both released this year. These two movies, and the fact that modern videogames have more complex stories each time, seem to make videogames and movies universes the mainstream again. We are telling you some of the them.

Assassin’s Creed.

It’s the movie that’s cooming sooner, in december this year. Talking about Assassin’s Creed is talking about one of the most successful sagas of the recent years, with more than 10 videogames realeased since 2007. It’s about Desmond Miles’ life, who is used to investigate his ancestors. If you want to know more about Assassin’s Creed, we recommend you this post. Starring actors such as Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, it’s expected to be one of the best adaptations and to become one of the best videogames and movies universes. It will be set in spanish inquisition, and we will see amazing buildings like the Giralda of Seville.


Another great videogames saga, although it’s only available for PlayStation. They are four in this case, and they tell the story of the archeologist Nathan Drake, an adventurer that in each game discover new stories about ancient civilizations, abandoned places and with any kind of chases. One of it’s biggest attractions is its ressemblance with Indiana Jones, the iconic adventurer of the 80’s. Although the movie is going slowly, it keeps moving. Names like Nathan Fillion or Mark Wahlberg have been mentioned. A saga of videogames and movies that we will keep an eye on.

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Tomb Raider

Just by naming it we all have the image of Angelina Jolie playing Lara Croft in our head. However, that image will disapear. This popular PC and recently consoles games saga will be adapted to the theaters with a new actress. Although she could have been Daisy Ridley , finally she will be Alicia Vikander. This actress is the main actress in movies like The danish girl or Ex machina. The movie is expected to be released on march 2018 in the United States. We hope it becomes a new videogames and movies universe.

videogames and movies

The Division

Definetly one of the biggest hits of the year. The Division tells the story of a world devastated by a mortal virus. This virus was created by a man and was spreaded by touching money on a Black Friday. In a devastated Manhattan, The Division is a group of agents fighting the rebels and triying to find out a cure. The success of this online game was so big, that just 3 months later of its release the movie was announced. It is still preproduction, but it already has Jake Gyllenhall and Jessica Chastain and the main actors. It’s so much the effort they are putting into it, that it seems they want it to be one of the greatest sagas of videogames and movies.

videogames and movies

Minecraft and Tetris

We end up the with the two most random games that we can see as movies. Not by popularty, it is just because they don’t have any story at all. We can expect everything from Minecraft. It’s being produced by Warner Bros and expected for 2019, but its plot is still unknown. The Tetris movie is produced by Larry Kasanoff, and he has confirmed that he wants to make a trilogy. He says that the story the made up is too long, he probably haas a lot of imagination.

videojuegos y películasThose are the most expected videogames and movies universes. Do know about any other one? Would you like an specific saga of videogames and movies? Comment all your thoughs, see you next week!



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