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The secrets of the marketing for games

The secrets of the marketing for games
31 Oct 2016

The sectow of mobile videogames is rising. It’s been said that it 2017, the industry of mobile videogames will move around 25,800 million dollars around the world. Spain is a important country, where this industry moves the total amount of 250 million dollars. It’s not extrange that the apps development and marketing for games are a rising market.

The marketing for games

You are probably one of those millions of freaks that spend most of their time thinking about the most original ideas for app development. As a good gamer you don’t want to let pass the bussiness aroun gamification. This means turning daily actions in a game or a competition.

However, it’s not enough having a good idea. Being an expert on monsters and missions doesn’t mean being a professional of marketing. That’s precisely what marketing for games is made for. It’s strategy is based on:

Creating a promotional video for your game. A good option so gamers don’t have to download the game to see if it’s worth it. There are a lot of people who doesn’t want to read how to play or how interesting it is.

– Put at your disposal some platforms that helps you find you target audience. If you’re not an expert in marketing, maybe the best thing is to let that work to another person while you focus on making your app better.

– Creating a specific website to introduce your game. Every game deserve to have its own web. The competition is so big that it’s not worth it to put it all in to the Play Store or the App store.

marketing for gamesOptimizing your app on the online games store. This strategy involves several actions to improve the position of your app in the apps stores.

– Using Social Networks. Millions of people connect everyday to comunicate with friends, family and even extrangers, why not with your game? The best known like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat can be very useful.

marketing for games– Get advantage of the reviews. There are plenty of sites where users make reviews of apps and games. You can submit in as much as you want to, the more the better. If they are positive they will help to improve you position on the rankings. If they are negative, at least you can take advantage of the exposure.

Definitely, apps development for games is a market that is under the support of a good marketing plan. This way, your time and you efforts will have a reward. After developing your app, focus all your energy on its promotion. Without forgetting you stadistics and results. Knowing this data will give you the power to correct the mistakes in time and being above your most direct competitors. Avoid your own Game Over.


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