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Rewarded ads, how to use them to monetize

Rewarded ads, how to use them to monetize
10 Oct 2016

Rewarded ads work, the conversion rates are a proof. Per 1,000 impressions, banner ads get 0.1 installs, interstitials get 3 installs and rewarded ads earn eight installs. Developers who integrate this kind of ads report outstanding results. An example of this is Color Switch. One of the biggets hits of 2016, claimed that, just by switching from banners to rewarded ads, they got a 40 percent lift in revenue.

Even though this kind of ads may have a positive reaction from players, devs should be careful. You have to think strategically about when and where to place the ads. If you have no idea how to do so, here you have some real examples of innovative and successful rewarded ads placements in mobile games.

Rewarded ads are part of the game experience

Players and users in general dislike ads when they disrupt the game, lile auto-play videos and pop-ups. Great rewarded ads are not even close to annoying. They are intuitive and compelling, matching the game’s desing. An example of this is Supersolid’s Food Street. It integrates video ads into the game’s user interface by posting them on billboards.

These are part of the world and eye-catching, but don’t interrupt the gameplay. Players are free to tap whenever they want to. If you do so, you get a message offering ads for rewards. They are useful, almost all players who begin viewing rewarded ads watch it until it’s finished.

rewarded ads

Perfectly timed rewarded ads

There are certain moments in games that are optimal for rewarded ads. For example, at the start of a game as a rescue. Tiny Tower, NimbleBit’s games, places an ad at the start of the gameplay. In no more than 10 minutes, you can be served with 3 to 5 rewarded ads for 20 “bux”, the game currency. Early premium currency rewarded ads increase retention by giving players a feeling of investment.

tiny-towerThe end of the game are another common point for ads to be timed. It keeps users playing longer to improve monetization. The key is offering meaningful rewards that will really help the player, not just a random amount of premium currency.

The end of the game doesn’t have to be a negative point. In fact, it’s becoming bigger the trend of putting this rewarded ads when completing a level or a mission. In this case, they would offer to improve the prize for ending. For example, if after completing a level we get 50 coins, watching the ad we would we 100.

Give the player the post-roll experience

Placing a post-roll creative confirming the view and the rewards are a good idea and it is what Rovio does. This feedback helps players to think that watching ads are like completing a quest or a task. Ads should be no longer intrusive pop-ups and out-of-place banners, they have to be a natural part of game’s progression. According to Rovio, players use this kind of ads as a part of their economy loop within the game.

rewarded adsOptimizated carefully, rewarded ads are not just a way to monetize, but also a tool to increase engagement and retention. So use them, but be careful when and where you put them. Did you find this interesting? Please tell us all your doubts! See you soon!


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