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Evolution of the sector: The design of video games

19 Nov 2016

The evolution of video game design has been a phenomenon that has not gone unnoticed by any of us. Different readings have been made about this, from different perspectives.

Not so long ago while reading a few news on the net I found a rather interesting article that related the decrease in job seekers due to the exponential increase in the video game industry.

The article belonging to a American economist called Erik Husrt. t shows us the correlation that has been observed in the North American labor market between the increase in the supply of video games and the increase of unemployment rates in youth population and non university studies.

In short, the study by Erik Hurst says that as the video game offer has grown and the quality of video games has improved, the opportunity cost of employment is increased. This increase in opportunity cost would decrease the tendency of the population to get and play video games. In other words, because the design of video games has become so professionalized, generating more and better video games, now work costs more.

Diseño de videojuegosCorrelation does not imply causality, It only implies that there is a relationship between two events. And before this article have raised several critical voices. Many of them have come from professionals dedicated entirely to the sector.

From Mola Games We consider that the study is not sufficiently developed to affirm that there is causality. Not exactly because we are a blog that belongs to this wonderful sector but because everything can read a different and we want to expose ours in this post.

If, as mentioned in the study mentioned in previous paragraphs, the video game offer has improved and increased like never before, it is necessary that a whole series of professionals have made possible that development and design of video games. The Improvement in supply has only been able to the specialization that has occurred in the sector. Video game design has created a large number of new jobs. It has been necessary the boom that we have lived in the sector so that now it is possible to relate the quality of the video games with the increase or decrease of the unemployment. Therefore we can also say that there has also been a positive relationship between the gaming sector and the increase in employment.

Videogame design in figures.

The design of video games has moved astronomical figures in our country. According to the design of the Spanish video game association, AEVIin the year 2014 they were consumed 996 millions of euros in video games. Since then it has been estimated that the consumption of video games in Spain has increased, is above the 1000 million euros, more than double that of the Spanish film industry. Within Europe today, without a doubt, we are one of the countries in which the sector is more fruitful.

Barcelona, capital del diseño de videojuegosNowadays Barcelona has established itself as the European capital of videogames. There are several companies in the sector that are based in the Mediterranean city, many of them Spanish companies that started as startups until fully consolidated in the sector. For example the last bussiness we highlight Social Point y Akamon, companies that in the present invoice 22 and 12 million euros per year respectively.

Another important novelty for the design of video games has been the offer of a specialized degree in this by the University of Barcelona. In particular the degree of title degree in digital content by the university of Barcelona. he main objectives of this degree are two. On the one hand it aims to provide specialized professionals to the sector settled in the city, on the other hand Aims to generate in Barcelona a cluster of video games providing the talent and creativity that constitute the essential broth to build the solid productive network with international projection that this sector, so competitive, requires.

In summary, although there seems to be a negative correlation between the development and design of video games with unemployment, a positive relationship between the two variables can also be seen. In the Spanish case, the sector has shown to be a new economic impulse that begins to embrace diverse sectors of society. For us, more and better video games have represented more and new types of employment.

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