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New iOS features for mobile game developers

New iOS features for mobile game developers
14 Nov 2016

Every year, developers and consumers watch the Apple keynote to see the unveiling of a new Apple product or OS update. All the new features of Apple products are always a business opportunity in a marketplace as crowed as the App Store. With the iOS 10, there are some important new iOS features for mobile game developers.

New iOS features


ReplayKit is as simple as it seems. It allows both players and devs to share recorded gameplays or broadcast games live. It is an important addition to iOS since more games are designed around the sharing of viral moments. It is also good for the eSports market, expected to exceed $1 billion dollars generated in just three years.

replaykitLet’s Play videos could benefit from ReplayKit too. These are not a new concept and many influencers have been creating them on Youtube. These kind of video are a huge opportunity for devs to educate players about their games and increase their awareness. With ReplayKit, devs will be able to build in recording features for players to make Let’s Play videos.

Mini games and stickers in iMessage

The biggest response from devs comes from Apple’s decision to implement mini games into iMessage, also rejuvenated. These mini games have a big potencial of going viral since you always need another gamer to play.

mini-games-new-ios-featuresCurrently, iOS 10 only supports mini games in the experimentation phase. There are two games that are leading the way of mini games. Those are MojiQuest from MojiWorks and Battle Bash from Mastermind Studios. The first one is a especially simplified version of Clash of Clans. The second one is a simple strategy game.

However, mini games for iMessage have a lot of potential. There could be large experiences within messages, with role-playing style games such a Dungeons & Dragons in a group conversation.

A lot of options for developers thanks to the updates of iOS 10. ReplayKit and mini games will surely change the way devs work on their existing games and the new ones to come. We expect these two new iOS feautres to be successful. What do you think about them? Comment us below!



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