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Gamer stuffs more than just curious

26 Dec 2016

¡Hello everybody! Who does not have gamer stuffs for playing both the console and the PC? may not know that your habits when it comes to hooking you up is something as usual as giving Pause. We all experience a series of unexplained impulses in the digital world, from looking like we have a Diogenes syndrome for wanting to be so perfectionist until you bang your head against the wall for trying to explore it to the last corner.

Over the years to hoard as much as possible Has become a matter of taste, since from the beginning of exploration games we have been educated to collect key objects that will help us at a specific time in history, nothing to do with the improvements of weapons and suits we have in The present.

n this “education” a similar impulse occurs when we see a striking object, the barrels reds Are one of the signals used by video games in a common way to say that it explodes when we give some kind of interaction (here we enter without being able to resist hehe). Interactions are not just shots or conversations, but also something as simple as jumping, can cause us to lose health bar, all for our gamer’s craze to test how the experience of throwing yourself into the void.

As for the camera we are invaded by more personal curiosity, something as colorful as the good judgment of a video game just by its graphics, which seems to us from Mola Games a error, Can become one of the hobbies of gamer very obsessive gamer by the shocking planes, whether we place the camera to our liking in a spectacular landscape in Uncharted or in a fight against a very visual Boss.

manías de gamer jugónInstead, the compulsive exploration of each corner of the stage sometimes leads us to destroy everything around us in search of secret objects or passages. In fact, that gamer gamer craze is more visible in more experienced gamers with some generations of video games behind us, such as always going to the left to explore first because of the custom we had on 2D screens.

One of the customs that we have the players, which will always endure in time, will be to find funny bugs or glitches that make us leave a little of the “routine” of the game are always welcome: All players happens to us, some Sometimes with the eagerness to explore or simply because of the annoyance of not passing a level, we discovered a fault that could even come to us to attack, to more easily defeat a final enemy, or to have a laugh.

But today, bugs have evolved to another level, the developers themselves have also their own gamer gamer hobbies, so they want to produce mockery or leave their personal footprint in the making of the video game with a secret curiosity, in which some Sometimes they even get themselves into character, in their own video game.

They are famous Easter Eggs, Hideo Kojima approves!!

In a sense it is an evolution of those famous tricks that we tried to look for in the past with the key combinations in the menu. Thee birth of the tricks was a great and famous accident called The Konami Code (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A), Which was created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto, Developer of Gradius for the NES. With the annoyance that he could not pass his own game of how difficult it was, he created a code that gave the player all the improvements, which are usually obtained gradually throughout the game.

some reason, it did not remove the code at the end of the tests and gave the world a new range of possibilities. One of the variants in which these failures of videogames derived was the competition for passing the game faster than anyone and against time trial, the so-called speedruns. Do you dare to try one of the last gamer gamer hobbies? 😉


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