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A new handball virtual FIFA 17 and VFO

09 Jan 2017

The world of e-sports is a fascinating world, a world that remains constant change, a world that is changing the reality we knew, a world that came to stay. Last October, in one of the most important cities for the world of e-sports, Barcelona, was officially announced Birth of the most important virtual soccer league; The Virtual Football Organization (VFO). This league was born along with the sponsorship of EA sports, company that develops the soccer simulator FIFA 17, one of the most successful titles of the last years.

Although the Virtual Football Organization looks like another FIFA 17 title competition, it has several important innovations. The most important is the format in which each team will participate.  is about virtual soccer in the most natural way possible. For example, each team must have a team of 11 players and a number of substitutes. As well It is not a single competition, but a virtual soccer league itself where there will be different divisions and classifications of a league; In principle will remain a format similar to traditional football in which the first 4 classify and the last 4 descend.

An important novelty in the VFO is the variety of equipment. With variety we refer to the Inclusion of traditional soccer teams, professional teams of e-sports, and amateur teams.

The traditional football teams that have been presented are:

  • Valencia Fútbol Club: Team of first division that began its walk in the e-sports in summer. He joins the VFO because he has a team specializing in FIFA 17. The presentation of his captain, Havel.

VFO Valencia FC

  • La Real Sociedad: as the second team of the first division to join the e-sports.


  • The Sevilla Fútbol Club: In our previous entries we mentioned this entry. Hand in hand with other professional teams.

Sevilla e-sports

  • El Sporting de Gijón.
  • El Villareal.
  • El Zaragoza.

In total there will be six teams of first division that present their templates for the first edition of the VFO. Edition that will begin throughout this month. Stay tuned to their web page Where they presented the calendar and details of it.

These teams are joined by professional teams from the world of e-sports. Teams like Phillips Club y X6tence.

The equipment mentioned so far is part of the First division of the VFO.

There will also be Freedom of access for any amateur team that wants to participate. The amateur teams will be placed in lower leagues according to their abilities. All teams will be able to ascend or descend in the league.

Three worlds united in a competition: the VFO

The Virtual Football Organization and FIFA 17 will be the first competition and the first video game title to unite three great worlds. On one side will join the largest mass show in the world: football. On the other hand will pick one of the mass phenomena with more growth in recent years: e-sports. nd finally it will unite one of the biggest gamers communities of Spain; The community of EA Sports FIFA 17.

Stay tuned to the news. From Mola Games We believe that it is a great step in our world, and a step that will be followed by many others in the future.

We await you in our future deliveries to present more novelties in this regard.

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