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The new e-sports competitive scene.

02 Jan 2017

The competitive world of e-sports has been in constant change since its origins, despite this, in the last year we have witnessed a complete rally of changes.

The changes have occurred in different aspects, practically in all of them. Some have come from the suppliers of the game, others have come from the format of the tournaments and the games themselves, others have come from the teams competing in different leagues and different games.

Once the year is over it is time to take stock. Despite all the changes produced, there are always some more shocking than others, and in this case it is none of those already mentioned. In the las year the change more important into this world is the Entry to the action of teams that originally engaged in an established sport.

These events have occurred both in the United States and within the European Union. Some with more echo than others.

Migrants to e-sports.

These kinds of migrations are occurring in response to the growth that have had the e-sports. Most CEOs claim that creating a department specialized in e-sports position in a growing mass market with incredible potential.

he impact of this new type of sports on the new generations has also been mentioned. Several organizations have appreciated that a considerable and growing percentage of young people no longer feel tied to traditional sports such as basketball or football. It could be said that in several homes the distress of parents’ and young people’s hobbies is experienced, similar to what happened in several Hispanic countries like Mexico and Spain when soccer appeared and bullfighting hobbies were diminished.

Philadelphia 76ers

If you are an NBA lover then you know what kind of organization the “Sixers”.

Philadelphia 76ers e-sportst the end of last summer, this organization, Consolidated team of the world’s most quoted basketball league, the NBA, was the first to make a significant capital investment in the world of E-sports. The first thing is to narrow it down. It was the first made in the United States and by a team of first categoryria.

Acquired two teams Already consolidated in the world of e-sports; Team Dignitas and Apex. Team Dignitas competes in the best leagues of several divisions de e-sports, such as
o League of Legends, Counter Strike, Heroes of the Storm y Overwatch. Team Dignitas Is an organization that was founded in 2004, since then until today it has been made with places in the alloys greater thans e-sports.

league of legends e-sportsOn the other hand Apex is an organization dedicated exclusively to the competitive world of League of Legends. It has a place for the North American LCS, the highest level tournament in the United States and Canada.

Philadelphia 76ers, both in Dignitas as Apex, eWill be actively involved in running its businesses, will ensure sponsorships, provide its sports infrastructure to its new players and take care of their health and performance. The daily direction of the teams will remain in the hands of the original dome, The majority of the previous staff, coaches and executives.

Paris Saint Germain.

On the other side of the world, in Europe, we have lived in the last years a similar case. Paris Saint Germain, Officially announces its esports division at the end of last month. Although it is true, as in the case of North America, this is not the first investment of this type made in the world of e-sports, yes it is the first of the great to enter the world.

is abot One of the great because it is the current champion of the French football league And one of the largest European teams.

PSG e-sportsIn the case of Europe, the PSG has not acquired an equipment already formed but has created a division within the organization dedicated exclusively to the world of e-sports. Within this division a second company specialized in the management of this type of organizations has been outsourced to its management.

The announcement of its new trading portfolio. Had more relevance after the signing of one of the most recognized stars in the e-sports as director of the new PSG project. “YellowStar”, Bora Kim Is the person in charge of directing this adventure, no doubt counts on the experience and an immense amount of support. Until now is the PSG Participate in professional leagues of League of Legends and the FIFA.

ther relevant cases

Although the cases mentioned above have been the most outstanding in the last year, these have not been the only ones. In both the United States and Europe the investments of traditional sports entities in the world of e-sports have exploded.

In the European case within all movements of this type we would like to highlight the fact by thl Schalke 04. Originally dedicated to football, at the beginning of last spring acquired a company dedicated to participate in the league of greater caliber of European League of Leguends, theLCS Europe.  the moment his team has stayed within the league and gained much visibility within Germany.

Similar movements occur at home in Spain. Not surprising, to this day Spain is one of the countries in which video games have more acceptance and participation, Not only particularly non-professional. We mentioned in previous entries it is importantia. The most relevant cases come from Valencia and Sevilla, Both first teams the first division of the most important soccer league in the world.

Valencia e-sportsThe Valencia Fútbol Club Has begun its participation in the leagues of Heroes of the Storm. It has in its staff with the best players of the country, two brothers also Valencianistas. For the year that starts, he has announced that he will participate in the League of Legends. With their new issue of League of Legends they will seek to make room for a future in the European LCS.

In the case of Sevilla, their eyes have been placed in the professional leagues of FIFA. Last month it publicly announced that it opened a selection process with the aim of recruiting the best players to participate in the VFO, Virtual Football Organization, which will start next January.

Sevilla e-sports


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