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The next generation of consoles

16 Jan 2017

Hello everyone! Already little time is missing to know what Nintendo has to say for its bet in the next generation of consoles with Nintendo Switch, an estimated presentation of about an hour where it will kick off the next generation of consoles. But What if there is not? many experts in the sector point to The videogames market is more and more like mobile phones, that is to say, That you no longer have to have the last console taken by the company, but that of oneself depends on whether you want to do better or worse a video game depending on our economy.

On June 13, 2016, at Microsoft’s E3, a new console was announced, which they called Project Scorpio. It is by no means the definitive name, but for reasons of internal security they gave that name.  Phil Spencer stated a series of features, which the gamer public still do not believe, since at last they could be doing some competition to the PC in terms of graphics resources, a fantasy of gamers.

próxima generación de videojuegos

Being 6 times more powerful than the PS Neo (code for PS Pro), some pages like Amazon have already dared to hang a price for your reservation … for $ 999! Sample of the power coming out this summer 2017. Were there any advances since the previous generation? Of course, games are not everything. The online integration and the ability to share the experience in a video game with other people has improved with the bet of new developers.

The graphic jump in the next generation of consoles was not as impressive as the previous ones, That is obvious, but the new consoles do not arrive, or arrive very little, to offer a resolution 1080p and 30 fps, and to offer you an optimal gameplay for virtual reality and tell them. That is why, Sony bet more on the 4k rescaling instead of the native and real 4k that Microsoft will bet, to be able to become clearer with its Project Morpheus.

roneously it is believed that it was to compete with Project Scorpio, but the truth is that they are not interested in doing it because the Japanese company believes that for the price that will go on sale Scorpio, The public will invest more in a PC than in a console.

hile we were talking about the next generation of consoles so changeable and the future that awaits us, now comes the best, the market revolution of Valve handhelds, whose technology is designed to function at first with your store, Steam, aving as main attraction that both the user and the companies Can modify it at your whim, ther the operating system and/or the hardware.


¡Vaya futuro nos espera!

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