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The return of RE7: a new road to virtual reality

30 Jan 2017

The new Resident Evil 7 has been released recently. The return of RE7 is already here and many people had the same opinion when they saw the first trailer of last year. Joy for the return to Survival Horror and disappointment for passing the gameplay, first person. Since leaving the game Resident Evil 4, Capcom has only suffered falls in its sales for not finding its place in the marke. ¿Action or terror?. So much was the existential crisis that they did in the sixth installment, a mix to address many audiences, as a result, a failure of barely a million sales, something that Capcom is not used to sell.

The great return of RE7, a new risk.

booThe remastering announced for the PS4 have the obvious aroma of the classic and for the part of the Revelations saga will follow the line of puzzles and action something more tempered than its predecessors. One of the main reasons for the disappointment is the abandonment of the main characters, but if they wanted to move to the Virtual Reality they had to focus exclusively on terror.

f you do not know what is going to happen to you or the person you are putting in your role is more terrifying than if you take an iconic character that you know he has gone through situations like this in a regular way and that will continue. That yes, the image of Umbrella has been seen in RE7 in the demonstration of the game Beggining Hours.regreso de RE7

In addition, in the demo of the return of RE7 tehere was a great company of virality Because some objects could not be used, like the mannequin’s famous finger. It was not until the next update that you could interact with the key object. As a result of this, many memes were removed and even some dared to undress the game by computer with no result on their goal in the game.

Since its introduction, some media point out the problems of dizziness that supposedly generated the title when using the virtual reality viewer. n spite of this, the team of developers of Capcom put firm hand offer many options for the adjustments of the player, being able to test and find out the optimal configuration to enjoy the game in virtual reality without getting dizzy.

We have definitely come across a game that will be a pioneer of a game mode that will mark a time or another example that the risk can go very badly.


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