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How to improve your applications: FlowUp

13 Feb 2017

Karumi the software developer, has created FlowUp, a real-time application monitoring platform for Android and iOS. Its goal is to help many engineers build applications and increase its performance.

logotipo de android

logotipo de ios

We can ask a series of questions about the applications we work with, for example:
What is the average CPU consumption of the application? 
-How many bytes does the application consume per second?
-Is your application capable of being able to display 60 frames per second?

You may know the answers to these questions, but then you should be aware of the large number of devices and versions of the operating system on which the application may be running. It´s crazy!

To help you achieve this, we present the competitive advantage of FlowUp: application developers access performance analysis tools such as Android Studio monitor or instruments in the case of iOS, measuring only the use of the application in a development environment, Not in the production environment where FlowUp takes center stage.And is that with FlowUp , monitoring applications is possible, monitoring the final users on real devices is offered live and live information so you can analyze.

FlowUp collects all the information in dashboards to show the existence of some problem in the performance of the application and where it is found. This information is frames per second and frame time of each of your activites, CPU consumption, consumption or network traffic.
The information appears filtered by the application version, device model, red quality etc.

Currently, we can know an example of a dashboard that is using Karumi while developing the platform:

FlowUp, la plataforma de monitorización de aplicaciones.

FlowUp,The app monitoring platform.

We hope that this post about pplication monitoring help you be able to know more about the possible tools to improve them.


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