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New investments in e-sports

06 Feb 2017

For a couple of weeks we have been commenting on different strategic movements made by organizations of all kinds. TV channels dedicated exclusively to eSports, investments of traditional sports organizations, the consolidation of Barcelona as European video game capital, and the birth of new eSports championships in our country.


During the last week there has been a significant and relevant investment. On the one hand it has become relevant because it is related to a character that we all know. On the other hand its importance lies in the geographical place in which it has taken place.

There are names that undoubtedly endure in time. One of them is Ronaldo Luiz Nazáiro de Lima, although he is also known as “Ronaldo, the Phenomenon”

Hay nombres que sin duda alguna perduran en el tiempo. Uno de ellos es el de Ronaldo Luiz Nazáiro de Lima, aunque también es conocido como “Ronaldo, el Fenómeno”. Many identify it more with this second name to differentiate it from the current Ronaldo.

The reasons for which this name is remembered are so well known that it is hardly necessary to mention them. Three consecutive FIFA World Player of the Year awards.World champion with Brazil in the World Cups of 1994 and 2002.Player of several of the best European football clubs; Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter Milan. Undoubtedly one of the best strikers of the last decades

Ronaldo dueño de esports

eSports, Ronaldo y Brazil

Another reason why this investment has taken on a significant importance within our world has been by the place where it has taken place; Brazil.

For some time Brazil has been taking on more and more importance in the competitive world of video games. At present it is the Latin American country where more strength and presence shows the sector. Their competitive organizations have reached international settings in different categories.

League of Legends, esports, Brazil

One of these organizations is CNB, one of the most important clubs in the world eSports in Brazil. This organization has enjoyed the title of national champions in different occasions.

The club was founded by two brothers, both players of League of Legends, Cleber “Fuzi” Fonseca and Carlos “Fury” Júnior Fonseca. Founded in the year 2001, until this year only counted on the financial participation of the brothers.

CNB Brazil, Esports

From now on the club will have different shareholders. Ronaldo has not taken this decision alone, but he has had as advisers and partners the best poker player in Brazil and the CEO of the Brazilian National Federation of Poker. This trio has been made with 50% of the organization, the rest has remained in the hands of the brothers, who will remain responsible for the strategic direction of the club.

The three partners have stated that the world of eSports is a world that shares values and characteristics with Poker. That’s why they have to take both Poker and the esports to the big stadiums and make the excitement of them be felt by hundreds of thousands of people.

Two passions in one

The CNB club has published the investment with the emission of the following video. In it we can see the emotion produced in the best plays made by those who are their owners today.

For those of us who enjoy the magic of the football of the first Ronaldo and who feel at the same time passion for the world of eSports, there has been no better way to announce it.


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