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10 tips to improve your ASO

10 tips to improve your ASO
27 Mar 2017

Today we are going to talk about a strategic key to increase the downloads in your application, the optimization of the ASO positioning or the positioning in the applications of the store.

The ASO is a way to ensure that the application meets the classification criteria of the App store and goes to the top of a search results page. But how can you optimize an application for better detection in an application store?

It is important to know that the ASO positioning strategy should go to a global marketing strategy for players to grasp, if you do not have a lot of budget, here is a message with 5 ways to give light to your application for free.

Let us begin!

10 tips to improve your ASO


To begin, we must ask the following:

What language do my clients use naturally?
How would you describe my application?
What are your main reasons for downloading and using my application?
What is my competitive advantage?
What keywords are my competitors pointing at?
How easily can I compete with these applications on the same keywords?
Should I target obvious keywords or less obvious keywords (with less traffic) than better
Do you speak to my unique offer and differentiation points?
Your ASO positioning strategy begins with putting yourself in your client’s shoes. Its goal is to improve the place in the applications store searches and target the keywords that generate the most traffic. The best way to identify these words is to figure out exactly what search queries led your customers to your application and the language they use


Having a unique name for your application is not just a matter of branding. For best results in ASO, include relevant keywords within your title, as they influence search results from the app store. A study conducted by TUNE with the top 25 ranking positions reveals that applications with a relevant keyword in their ranks ranked, on average, 10.3% higher than applications without a title keyword.

ASOThe titles of the App Store can have up to 255 characters, but, it should not be taken as an opportunity to fill in every keyword we can think of in its title. The titles are usually truncated after the 23rd character (including spaces) in the App Store and the 30th character in Google Play.

The name of the application should be easy to understand and unique. The dot is the main purpose of the device along with the application icon and the first 2 screenshots (which are displayed in the search results).


The App Store and the Google Play Store have two very different approaches when it comes to keywords for ASO.

The App Store

The App Store has a 100-character keyword field. Only use the title and key words or keyword phrases that include these 100 characters to determine which search strings appear in your app.


Google Play

For ASO positioning, the Google Play Store adopts a similar approach to modern SEO. Google scans the app description to extract relevant keywords. In this scenario, you are given 4,000 characters to describe it in a natural language oriented to the client. It is important not to saturate the description with keywords, they must be around 5, placed logically.

With this in mind, to get the best results, write first for the client and make small modifications for the following keywords: remember that the ranking algorithms take into account keywords and conversion metrics


With the exception of keywords, the description of the application must be customer oriented, its description should be viewed as a call-to-action for potential customers. Describe what you do in a simple and concise language, listing the unique benefits it offers and insisting on downloading it.

It is important to communicate and convince of the download of our application in the first lines of our description, the application market is very saturated and show the key information for the possible.

The description of the application, such as the application itself, must be live and renewed for each update or modification in the application


Visual iconography is the first impact that our client has in a sea of applications, it is important to create an attractive icon and most similar to the functionality of the application

instagram ASOIt is important to keep in mind that the App Store and Google Play vary in the representation of the application icons. Both stores have pre-set standards designed for the proper operation of their operating system.

Additional Resources: iOS Icon Size Reference Chart

Additional Resources: Android icon size reference table


The images and videos do not have a direct effect on the search rankings, they do not influence ASO, but in the downloads. The images allow you to visualize the graphical content of your application and convince the potential customer of its load.

You can upload up to five screenshots for an iOS app and up to eight for an Android app, only the first 2-3 screen shots visible in the gallery loading page.

Commonly, they mix graphic design with their screenshots to incorporate text that describes key elements and features.


If your audience goes beyond the English-speaking world, it is important to adapt and build the brand around another language or culture.

There are solutions for translation or localization services that can translate the application title, keywords, description and captures of the languages of the chosen segment.

An example of translation into another language:



The higher traffic leads to the app, the higher the ranking will be in the search results.

It is necessary to have presence in social media, to give knowledge of our application, creating social networks, content, and investing in advertising in online advertising

ASOAnother key point is indexation of the app, which has proven to be effective in driving traffic to an application. Application indexing is the process of making the content of the Android or iOS application can be viewed, searched and linked from a Web search on the Web or mobile.


Customers are looking for applications that are constantly improving, with updates based on constructive criticism of the comments. Applications that are frequently updated are views, both by the app store and by the customer as focused on improving.

To help notify your next update try the following strategies

  • Report the new update from within the app when logging in or in notification form
  • Update the application description and the updates field.
  • Keep in mind that every time you update an iOS application, your scores are restored and, with that, your score temporarily collapses.

10. Encourage ratings and feedback

The applications with the highest levels of qualification are those that have a bidirectional communication with the client to establish a plan of improvements for the future. It is important to keep in mind, that the app store product ratings a reduced view of the customer, since customers do not usually take time to rate applications.


ASO optimization is a persisetent of the process, thanks to the constant evolution of the algorithms of the classification as by continuous competition. A successful ASO strategy requires analytical analysis and many checks.

See you at the top of the list!


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