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Make the most of the budget with Tactics for game developers

20 Mar 2017

Since the beginning of 2017, mobile market leaders are setting more strategic focus on acquiring high quality users and how to target their budgets to the highest long-term ROI. While this might seem like a challenge for inexperienced independent developers, there are some  tactics for game developers that can help  for the maximum efficiency of their budget regardless of size. Continue reading to learn how you can do the same.

Below we show the following tactics for game developers

Plan and scale

First of all, what are the objectives of your company? The answer should be more specific than simply “getting facilities”. Large game developers, for example, can set a goal of more than 25% return on advertising spend (ROAS) for their budget. Developers at smaller companies that do not closely monitor lifetime value (LTV) may have a goal like maximizing facilities at a $ 2,000 per month budget. Set a challenging goal, but with the current capabilities.

After determining your goals, ask a follow-up question

What is the life cycle of the game and the company? Independent video games (Indies) in their first game could focus on building an online community, while developers with wide variety of games can use free cross promotion to increase their volume of players. Large companies with a known IP have the greatest influence through word of mouth on social networks.

Look for the best and most suitable tools for your case.

In determining the current situation and objectives, it is important to catch up on the latest tools. The orientation of the relevant players is a critical strategy for 2017, so it is always advisable to use the segmentation of groups of players. This will identify the players who are probably interested in your game. There are companies with tools with advanced algorithms like Chartboost to segment and reach the most qualified players.

On average, we see that segmentation by groups of players generates an increase in player retention and in ROI for developers.charboost tactics

After performing the tactics for game developers, the last component of an acquisition effort is the ability to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and analyze and act on results. Major game developers used week-long ad campaigns to predict the lifetime value (LTV) of an ad cohort. In 2016, that time has dropped to 2 to 3 days. That is a noticeable advance, considering that the lives of the players are also being extended to months or even years.

It is useful for the Indies to learn about LTV and ROI, ensuring that their own acquisition efforts are meeting financial goals.

chartboost analytics tactics for game developers


Despite all the consolidation taking place at the top of the market, the mobile gaming industry continues to occupy a huge space with room for businesses of all sizes. Companies that have large, innovative games and know  tactics for game developers and how to question the right questions have the potential to see success in 2017.


From Mola games, we recommend following the detailed steps and using the best tools, do not hesitate to comment if you want to add something!



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