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TGX and Nosplay: a MMO games revolution

06 Mar 2017

Hello players!Again we are here to talk about one of the your favourites topic, the games world. We feel proud of showing you, TGX and Nosplay, two platforms that have revolutionize the worl of playing in groups. Is it sound interesting? In Mola Games  we are going to explain what it is.


What is TGX? How can we use?

It is a new web platform in which you have to sign in and then you  choose your favourite game. When you have done this, you will start sharing adventures, advices, participating in tournaments etc.  In 2016 TGX was perfomed for the first time, one thousand people were interested in it.

It was created in Canarias and It is established as a social network where players can read news, socialize between them and receive advises.  The main objective is to improve the communication between players in the e-sports world. In addittion it was done in order  that the gamers can live experiences together.

This social network works like all gamer want: It allows players to level up, unlock actions,  and get prizes for participating in the social network and playing among then . Also you can use it with a PC, tablet o smartphone.

 TGX the gaming experience

 Counter Strike, Dota2 o Clash Royale were the first games that you could find in the platform. Thanks to theses well-known games, TGX was very famous. Futhermore TGX can be used by people or companies to create their webs, articles and competitions.

Do you know  NOSPLAY?

Well, it is other platform similar to TGX but otherwise if you just want to share catalogs and  be part of the clans, it is perfect for you .  You don´t have to compete to earn points, they are only worried about your opinion and give you  as information as it was possible.

On the other hand this platform contain more update. Now you can have the lastest news in your e-books . You choose between the dairy e-book or weekly e-book. The only thing that you must do is to sincronizate your e-mail with the e-book and Nosplay will send you all the news and important articles.

Resultado de imagen de nosplay


Mola Games invite you to discover this world if you are passionate about the video games. Many people are already inside and so far everything has been good opinions, it is not only about playing, it is also about socia It is not only about playing but also about socializing between people with the same tastes. Like in TGX  say:  TGX “The gaming experience”, if I were you, I wouldn´t miss it.




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