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The world of payable ads

13 Mar 2017

Today we are here to talk about a common topic that many people have in their payable life, the world of the advertising in the games. We all know that sometime it is annoying and maybe you don ´t feel like to continue playing .Thus, ads should be interesting enough to the take the users atention. We invite you to continue reading and you will discove the Chartboost playable ads.

payable ads

The type of advertising that are revolutionizing the word of the ads  in phone.

This type of ads have been made by gamers and the most important for gamers who love playing. The gamers satifaction is the most important premise in this world and for that in this ads.

Obviously it isn´t a easy work. This work need a quite creative design and development.Also is really important that users feel inside it and many tests to offer the best service. But thank to this process, they have obtained a payable ads with a really good quality and fast load to improve your game experience.

These advertisements are a natural way to reach the customer and earn more benefits.  The player can play with the ad during a short period of time, like a mini game, and if he like the game, he will install  it for his own interest and not because he has heard of it or wants to try it.

payable ads

This is the best way to create a interactive participation  and reach a  really committed public. From Mola Games, we advise all advertisers to use this method because it is the future of the mobile advertising it is proved that is the best interactive form to hook users.

The Charboost payable ad is still a test although many players are feeling attracted by this ad. This is because gamers know what they engage thank to the previous proof and they really like the game.

We expect that this information has been useful bothfor mobile game users ( to avoid the annoying advertising )as for advertisers who want to reach players and keep them.




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