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How to communicate with other Indies Developers

How to communicate with other Indies Developers
10 Apr 2017

Solutions for indie developers

If you are an Indie developer, or want to get into the game development world, you are probably immersed in a sea of doubts.

The way from the idea or concept, to monetizing it is very long and contains many steps to follow.

Along the way you will be asked many questions, about programming, editing, marketing … but there are places and tools that can help you.

In general, the Indies developer community has a great spirit of collaboration, where you can ask and find answers from more experienced developers.

In this post from Mola Games we are going to describe some collaboration and contact tools, which can be very useful to solve your doubts.

Social networks

Unlike referents from other industries, who rarely respond or interact with their audience, in the video game sector this does not happen. Become a fan and follow games related to or similar to the ones you want to create and its developers.

You will find very valuable information in your Timeline, in addition, you can contact him through a direct mention or message if you have a specific question.

Corporate Mail and Personal Blogs

This is a resource that few use and is usually very effective when it comes to contacting developers of a specific game.

Many times you observe similar games and referring to your idea of creation, causing doubts about your development and interest in how your referent has developed, because nothing better than asking the manager directly.

To find the corporate addresses, we can visit the web of the study, look for the addresses of the members of the team or use the contact mail. Usually every developer has his corporate email. Also, many indie or professional developers, usually have blogs or write for them, so another way of communication opens.

Communities In Games Development Engines

It is very common that each development engine has its own community, forum and blog. One of the most popular development engines is Unity (used for the creation of Mola Games) with two platforms that are closely related, but with different approaches: Unity Answers and Unity Forum


Unity for indie developers


Unity Answers aims to ask questions and find answers about specific problems, which have solutions on objective issues and do not require a very extensive discussion.

There are often other indie developers who have gone through the same mistakes or doubts in their creation, so you will probably find answers if you are stuck at some stage in your development.

On the other hand, the Unity Forum is a place for discussions and debates on broader subjects, themed and organized by categories (Audio, graphics, 3D Scripting, Animation, etc.).

Both portals are very interesting when it comes to anticipating errors in our creation process

Finally, it is very useful to comment on our project and receive feedback from other indie developers, as well as to comment on other creations.

TIG Forums

We can say that TIG Forums is the best community of indie developers worldwide.

We can find several sections on the development world, from the DevLogs section where we find information on technical aspects and game design. There are very detailed and not very up-to-date comments on a concrete topic or very updated on a more general topic.

In TIG Forums we can find sections of people who want to test your video games “PlayTesting” and sections on tutorials, usually on development engines.

Finally we find the section “Business“, with questions about the formation of equipment, legal scope and marketing for video games


tig forums for indie developers

Do you know other communication platforms between indies? Do not hesitate to comment!

It is necessary to know that there are a lot of people who know more than us and can be willing to help us.

If after reading our post you have a question, contact us, we can help if you are interested in the development of video games


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